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what is metallic print in photography

Dye sublimation
Metal prints are a novel way to put your most treasured memories or your prized photography on display. Instead of printing a layer of ink onto a surface,metal art involves a printing process calleddye sublimationthat infuses the ink into the surface of the metal.

What is the best paper for prints?

Top 11 Best Photo PapersCanon Photo Paper Plus Glossy. The paper structure has microscopic pores that instantly let the ink go inside so that nothing remains on the surface.Epson Photo Paper Glossy. This high quality photo paper is created to print photographs at home and suitable for all inject Epson printers.Lomond Photo Paper Glossy. …HP Sprocket Photo Paper. …More items…

How to do metallic paint?

If you don’t know what type of metal you’re painting,hold a magnet to it. …Coat either type of metal with a rust-inhibiting primer and make sure it’s formulated for use on metal (same goes for your paint choice,too).Use a brush or a roller to paint,depending on the shape of the piece. Let the paint dry in between coats.

Which is more metallic?

francium (element with highest metallic character) cesium (next highest level of metallic character) sodium copper silver iron gold aluminum Alloys and Metallic Character Although the term metallic character is typically applied to pure elements, alloys may also display metallic character.

What is a metallic fabric?

Metallic fabrics will sometimes have silvery or gold threads running through them that will catch the light especially when hung at windows. Many fabrics now have a subtle metallic touch that is not gaudy. You can choose a metallic fabric to tone with and emphasise the other metal elements you have in your room.

Why Metal Art Prints?

You don’t have to deal with framing or matting the piece: the art is ready the minute it arrives. Because of its durable material and professional finish , metal art has immense longevity. It looks as new in 20 years as it did on day one.

Why do metal prints have a high resolution?

This allows your image to appear crisp and professional on the metal panel. Because the image is printed directly onto the material, a metal print becomes a permanent art piece. Unlike a traditional glass frame, you won’t be able to swap out photos.

Why do metal prints look better on aluminum?

Because the image is infused into the aluminum sheet, not on top of it, it becomes clearer and more radiant. In other words, the process takes your image and magnifies its beauty. When deciding on your metal print, you can choose from a few options for your surface finish:

What is a true color surface?

A true-color surface: Provides a white basecoat that allows the colors of the image to truly pop.

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What is metal art?

Metal prints, also known as metallic prints, are modern, high definition art pieces made of a sleek metal panel (usually aluminum), layered with any image of your choosing. Make your most cherished memories into your newest metal art workpiece for your home or office.

Is metal a heavier material than other prints?

Though our metal prints, like this portrait style design, tend to be relatively light, metal prints are still slightly heavier than other prints due to their durable materials.

Do All Images Look Good as a Metallic Print?

Not all images are going to be ideal and benefit. The key to taking advantage of a metallic surface lies with how detailed the image is and how much of a range in tones the image contains. Commonly, an image with a lot of detail and a lot of tones will look best.

What metal print to use on aluminum?

Then of course there is an actual metal print on aluminum panels in which the image is provided by dyes that fuse to the surface. You can go with a metal that has a white gloss base but for a truly metallic look, you might want to opt for the silver finish. While we make a lot of prints on the silver matte, the silver gloss is our recommended choice since you get a high shine with the metal look. No matter the type of metal base, there is no mistaking your are printing on metal whereas with canvas or any of the papers, you are merely simulating the effect of metal.

What is the best paper for fine art prints?

The standard metallic fine art paper is nice choice. Branded as Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl, it has a smooth surface, light silver color base with a high gloss to make images really stand out. What is favored with this fine art paper is the ability to take advantage of the superior color accuracy this giclee photo quality has the ability to provide. Treat these prints with utmost care when handling until they are framed. Once they are framed they will last for generations due to their archival nature.

What kind of paper is used for metallic prints?

We have multiple options for a metallic looking print: Metallic Canvas, a Metallic Fine Art / Photo Paper, a Kodak metallic paper and of course actual metal prints. And soon there will be the Hahnemühle PhotoRag® Metallic which we will discuss in more detail below:

How to display metallic prints?

How you display a print which is metallic plays a big role in its appearance. If you get your new print, take it out of the packaging but are in a low lit room you might be underwhelmed. You think “okay I have a nice looking print” but feel it lacks that “Wow!” factor. It’s once you take it into a room or even outside where the light is greater you will notice a difference. So, based on that, I recommend you display metallic prints where you have good lighting.

What is Hahnemühle paper made of?

As the inventor and pioneer of genuine artistic papers, Hahnemühle fulfills the wish of many photographers by offering a paper made of 100% cotton with a metallic effect.

What does metallic print mean?

Some people are after a shimmering metallic look with their printed images. Prints with a metallic look are characterized by having almost a 3D quality to them. When the right looking image is used, a metallic print will accentuate every detail, color and tone.

What is Metallic Paper?

Metallic Photo Paper is a thick premium photo paper with extremely fine metallic flakes embedded in the finish. Many professional photographers prefer metallic paper for the subtle radiance it brings to prints.

When Should I Choose Metallic Photo Paper?

Metallic photo paper isn’t good for everything. For example, a typical family photo may not be much improved by metallic paper (unless it is well lit, with vibrant color).

Can metallic paper be used on a finger print?

Metallic prints "finger print" very easily, and even when fully dry the ink will smudge more easily than on standard papers. Don’t expect metallic paper to completely transform your print. The difference is subtle, but noticeable.

Can you hang metallic prints on glass?

If possible, don’t hang your metallic print behind glass. Glass tends to reflect some light back against the print, and loses some of the vibrance that metallic photo paper provides. We include a pair of light cotton gloves with your print. Use them when handling your print.

Can you use metallic paper on a print?

Tips for Using Metallic Paper. If you’re adjusting color pre-print, don’t oversaturate your color too much – metallic paper provides a natural saturation, so your prints will look saturated about 5-10% more than the original image. If possible, don’t hang your metallic print behind glass.

Why are metallic prints so beautiful?

Metallic prints are mind bendingly gorgeous for color and depth rich images. Instead of reflecting light, metallic prints seem to absorb light. Which is why I recommend putting metallic prints in a place where they will get some direct light (either near a window or a light).

What is a matte print?

These prints are what I refer to as "standard prints", although there really is nothing standard about them. They are beautiful prints, and have extremely accurate color representations of what you see on your monitor. They are nice because they don’t have a "shine" to them and therefore don’t reflect a lot of light. They also don’t show fingerprints like glossy and metallic prints do. Colors look nice, but not as nice as metallic colors. Making matte prints very nice for skin tones (portraits) and black and white shots such as this shot of Lone Peak in Big Sky, MT.

Can you print on matted prints?

The nice thing about matte prints is how versatile they are. You could print any image on them and have a steller result. For framing you could frame them normally (pop them in a ready made frame from Michaels) or you could have them matted and framed professionally. They are of archival quality and resist fading for up to 100 years.

What Are Your Options?

Certain packages may come with certain prints. Based on the expertise of your photographer as well as your own personal tastes, discuss what print finish will best for your photographs. If you are unsure of what is available, keep reading for some quick descriptions and general industry recommendations on the four major finish options.

What is matte finish?

Matte finish is a widely popular finish because of its smooth quality. It is a refined, non-glare option. This typically allows for it to have a more muted tone for pieces serving as accessory or wall art. It also does not show fingerprints if the photograph is ever handled.

What is the best finish for photos?

Glossy finish is best for photos and images you want to be bright and bold . It is great for photos of faces or groups because of its clarity and definition, especially with skin tones. However, because of the smooth and “sticky” texture of the paper, it is best to keep these photos in frames without a glass panel.

What is the importance of a professional photographer?

Every professional photographer has their own preference but it is also important for your style to come alive within the photo as well. Be sure to ask your photographer what they typically use and what would look best based on the photos’ content as well as its placement in your home or office. Social Eyes Marketing.

Why is digital editing important?

While the digital editing process is especially important in addressing any imperfections in the image, the printing process is just as significant. All too often, photographs’ finish is ignored or forgotten by clients. That being said, it is a detail that deserves consideration so that the final product fits in seamlessly in your home, office, business, or showing.